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A Bit About Me

Heyyy Humans, I hope you lot are behaving fine! 

I am UNO from UNOLAND, a small town in Saraverse, a glorious Cloud Country experiment built in the metaverse and IRL to think beyond nation-states. I represent the UNO BFF Clan, 10,000 super tantrum-filled fellas out there to create a dent in the universe! (That was as cheeky as I can get)

What’s with the name?

Not to blow my own trumpet here, but we are one of a kind. We are lovers, thrill-seekers, rebels, super funny, compassionate, empathy cutlets who are as smart as they are lazy; hence, we are potential best friends forever! - UNO BFFs!


Why are we here?

My superpower - I am madly in love with Saraverse, yes, head over heels with this beauty! By virtue of that, we enjoy the liberty of being the first ones in the Cloud Country. Our clan is here to befriend humans, anyone who wants to become the founding citizens of this magnificent cloud country. If you decide to be a citizen, just hold one of our hands and begin your journey to a Life upgrade. That’s the perk!

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Perks of being a BFF!

Founding Citizenship of the cloud country

- Eligible for Passport NFT Card

Direct Whitelist for Saraverse land sale phase I

Free Alpha Game Pass for  UNOLAND 

Be Part of Decentralised IRL Land Nodes around 
the globe


By Degens, For Degens !!!

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Let's Connect

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